12/20/16 – Jim Lobe on Trump’s political appointments and the future of US foreign policy – The Scott Horton Show

Jim Lobe, a veteran journalist and founder of Lobelog.com, discusses the wacky, conspiratorial worldview of Trump’s national security adviser Michael T. Flynn; the relatively level-headed secretary of defense nominee James “Mad Dog” Mattis; and how a Trump administration will deal with the Middle East, Israel, Russia and China.


One thought on “12/20/16 – Jim Lobe on Trump’s political appointments and the future of US foreign policy – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Luther Blissett

    Way back in 2003 Lobe wrote an article for IPS called ‘Watch Woolsey’ where he wrote that Jim Woolsey “pushed for war with Iraq as hard as anyone.” Unfortunately no-one is watching Woosley these days, whole conversations with “neo-con” experts go by without a mention of him being Trump’s senior national security adviser, or being a partner in Flynn’s “Flynn Intel Group”, or being a founding member of Ledeen’s ‘Coalition for Democracy in Iran’.

    How about the 2012 ‘Threat from Iran’ conference which featured Woolsey, Leeden and Gaffney as speakers, or the 1999 comittiee in Chechnya that features those three and Kristol, Kagan, Haig and Brzezinski. Or the fact that Woolsey was Ledeen’s lawyer when he got in trouble for all his spooky business in Iran-Contra (see Shorrock’s Spies for Hire). Woolsey’s other famous clients include Ahmed Chalabi…

    Any discussion about Flynn and Ledeen that does not mention Woolsey is seriously deficient.

    Well some people ARE watching Woolsey. This month alone (Dec 2016) he has appeared on FOX’s Sunday Morning Futures, FOX’s America’s Newsroom, ABC’s This Week, CNN’s Outfront, SiriusXM’s News & Issues, and he’s even doing websites like Brietbart, NT News Time, Larslarson.com. He fit in enough time to be Trump’s “strong man” (“hommes forts de donald trump”) at a Moroccan conference and Woolsey is likely behind DeCapiro’s visit to Trump, as Woolsey appeared in a DeCaprio environmental documentary and styles himself as a ‘green-ocon’.

    Guessing whether neo-cons are just spouting propaganda or are true believers is an academic game. Woolsey is a prominent neo-con and Trump’s public face on cable TV. Any serious attack on neo-con clique in Trump’s administration should mention Woolsey.

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