11/24/15 – Eric Margolis – The Scott Horton Show

Journalist and author Eric Margolis discusses Turkey’s shoot-down of a Russian bomber; and the close cooperation of the Israelis and Saudis on regional interests, including support for ISIS.


4 thoughts on “11/24/15 – Eric Margolis – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Avraham

    I’m tired of your ridiculous claim that Israel aims to conquer Lebanon for Some water.
    First of all, Israel is the most developed and advanced country in the world in the water industry.Israel recycles most of its water for Agriculture and desalinat huge amounts of water from the sea.
    Secondly, Israel signed a peace agreement with Jordan that transfers huge amounts of water to Jordan for peace, so to claim that Israel would start a war for water is totally ridiculous.
    finally, we in Israel have had bitter experience with foreign populations. So to think that we would occupy another million Arabs for water is really insulting our and your listeners intelligence.

      1. Avraham

        When was the last time that you talked with any Israeli?
        No one in Israel is talking about it, not even the most extreme right.
        Don’t believe the bullshit that Al-Jazeera and Scott tell you.
        The only thing that can be defined as an aspiration towards ‘Greater Israel’ is in Orthodox Jewish prayers. It’s like saying that all evangelical Christians are working for an Armageddon in the Holy Land so that Jesus will return.

  2. Ibrahim

    What’s this crap about Syria having been the US’s “de facto ally” before the current attempt to destroy the country? Just a few years ago the us tried very hard to frame Syria for the murder of the pm of Lebanon. At the same time, about a million Iraqis were fleeing us occupied former Iraq to Syria. The us did not offer any extra compensation or favors beyond what the in system gave to Syria for that incovenience. In fact, the us tightened the existing us measures to economically isolate and strangle Syria.

    As for Syria not making a peep about return of the Golan region from Jewish Rhodesian occupation…what utter tripe. If you bother to check Sana or the un records you will see that Syria just last week reasserted its position on that issue. The Syrian govt has begun negotiations with Jewish Rhodesia several times with us “mediation” to no avail. Most famously, in the 1990s Hafez Asad reached a Golan peace agreement through Warren Christopher’ s laborious efforts that was entirely acceptable to Syria, but when the final treaty was presented to Hafez, he put the document in his pocket and said that he would sign it when the Palestinians were equally satisfied. (That story can be found in the Seals bio of Hafez, if you care.)

    The us congress has never failed to pass any antisyrian measures brought before it, the us supported the early 80s ikhwan rebellion – and still supports that with false propagandistic history and the overall record of the us toward Syria is so hostile with very few exceptions that it makes nonsense of your ‘alliance’ theory.

    Also,Scott said that the brave Druze people who attacked the Jewish Rhodesian ambulance carrying wounded jihadis were israelis when actually those were Syrian Arab Druze of the occupied Golan who did it. Other Druze – including those living within the nonexistent “legal borders of Israel” – have also protested the pro al Qaeda/antisyrian policies of the occupying entity, but the first ambulance attack was in the Golan.

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