2 thoughts on “11/11/16 – Gareth Porter – The Scott Horton Show”

  1. Luther Blissett

    Gareth Porter: “Think of Trump as perhaps as more like LBJ, in the sense of someone who has a strong ego, as LBJ certainly was, but who does not have the experience in foreign policy, who will tend to be less certain about countermanding the views of his national security advisers, so it’s going to be very important who he names on his team”

    CNN: James Woolsey “joined Donald Trump’s presidential campaign Monday as a senior adviser, the campaign announced.” (Sept 12)

    Politico: “James Woolsey […] will serve Donald Trump as a senior adviser on national security, defense and intelligence, the campaign announced today.” (Sept 12)

    Eric Margolis: “Well, I’ve met Woolsey on a number of occasions, been on TV programs with him in Washington, and I would be very nervous to have this man anywhere in a high-level government position. The reason is that he’s one of the point men for the extreme right wing of the Republican Party. They’re almost so far right wing you can hear goose-stepping. They want a very militaristic foreign policy. They want to use American power to destroy all of Israel’s perceived enemies.” [Real News Network 2008]

    Woolsey is the ‘Henry Kissiger’ of the neo-con clique, he is on every committee and has his deep state fingers in every pie, it is hard to imagine a more dangerous man at Trump’s ear.

    Great interview, you and Porter got me through the first neo-con reality-TV horror show and I’m starting to get deja vu all over again. “I can tell you the future, right here, right now, it’s easy…”

  2. Luther Blissett

    Woolsey is making his move.

    Tuesday: “Woolsey reported to be in the running for U.S. director of national intelligence […] Woolsey did not respond to requests for comment.” [Reuters]

    Wednesday: “James Clapper resigns as US director of national intelligence” Clapper, who had clashed with President-elect Donald Trump’s aide Michael Flynn, told a hearing of the House intelligence committee on Wednesday that he had submitted his resignation on Wednesday night [Guardian]

    Thursday: As Clapper’s resignation became public, two intelligence committee members, independent Angus King of Maine and Republican James Lankford of Oklahoma, wrote to Trump to urge the president-elect to prioritize the selection of Clapper’s replacement. “Nominate an experienced DNI […] Most importantly, if selected early, your DNI could advise on candidates for directors of the intelligence agencies he or she will work with most often,” they wrote. [Politico]

    Gen. Mike Flynn becomes Trump’s National Security Adviser. Woolsey is a partner in his Flynn Intel Group consulting firm.

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