11/10/17 Nasser Arrabyee on the escalation of the U.S.-Saudi war in Yemen

Nasser Arrabyee returns to the show to give his latest update on the devestation from the U.S.-Saudi Arabian war in Yemen. Arrabyee confirms that more than 900,000 people have contracted cholera and discusses the recent retaliatory strike by the Houthis against the Saudi airport and the latest developments in the U.S.-Saudi blockade, which the U.N. warns could kill millions of people. Arrabyee explains how Yemeni deaths have been vastly underestimated and dispels the myth that this is a moral war. Finally Arrabyee explains in detail the myriad factors that contribute to the war in Yemen and why it would be impossible for someone like Donald Trump to understand them.

Nasser Arrabyee is a Yemeni journalist based in Sana’a, Yemen. He is the owner and director of yemen-now.com. You can follow him on Twiiter @narrabyee.

Discussed on the show:

  • “8/28/17 MSF’s Clair Manera on the cholera epidemic in Yemen” (Scott Horton Show)
  • “A new Saudi blockade could worsen Yemen’s cholera crisis” (Washington Post)
  • “Millions In Yemen Will Die Unless Saudi Aid Blockade Is Lifted, UN Warns” (Huffington Post)
  • “Saudi Arabia accuses Iran of ‘direct aggression’ over Yemen missile” (The Guardian)
  • “11/7/17 Congressman Walter Jones on his fight for H.Con.Res.81 and against the War Party” (Scott Horton Show)
  • Houthis
  • Zaidi Shias
  • “Airstrike Kills at Least 25 at Market in Yemen” (New York Times)
  • “Yemen attack: 42 killed in suicide bombings claimed by Isis” (The Independent)

2 thoughts on “11/10/17 Nasser Arrabyee on the escalation of the U.S.-Saudi war in Yemen”

  1. John Ellis

    A collation to liberate Yemen from terrorists, namely Russia, Iran, Syria, Turkey and Hezbollah, they have just driven every last terrorist back to Saudi Arabia, blown out of the sky over 200 fighter-bombers owned by the oil-rich dictators and all is quiet and peaceful in Yemen.

    And so, who has all the blood guilt for this human slaughter, is it not those who claim to be good, but fail to do the needed good?

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