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Antiwar Radio: Peter Jenkins

Peter Jenkins, the UKís Permanent Representative to the IAEA from 2001-06, discusses his article ďIran Nuclear Talks Offer Opportunity If The US Wants It;Ē the mainstream mediaís sudden truth-telling on Iranís nuclear program; Obamaís apparent interest in good-faith negotiations that recognize Iranís NPT rights; why excessive US demands (close Fordow facility, give up 20% uranium) donít necessarily preclude reasonable compromises later on; Ray McGovernís theory that a Jundullah terrorist attack scuttled the 2009 fuel swap agreement; why Israel is the main hindrance to better US-Iran relations; IAEA claims that the ďalleged studiesĒ documents are corroborated by other sources, and that Iran at least pursued knowledge (if not production) of nuclear weapons before 2003; and a comparison of IAEA chief Yukiya Amano and his predecessor Mohamed ElBaradei.