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7/19/12 Matthew Rothschild

Matthew Rothschild discusses President Obama’s series of executive orders that will essentially make him dictator after a “national emergency;” and why Congress and the media aren’t giving this issue the attention it deserves.

Antiwar Radio: Matthew Rothchild

Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive magazine, discusses his article “Stop the Bombing of Libya,” the 11,500 NATO sorties already launched in the name of enforcing a “no-fly zone” and “protecting civilians,” the real US agenda in Libya: regime change and control of oil, Obama’s excuse for ignoring the War Powers Act: it’s not war so long as no American soldiers get killed, the continuing quest for a unitary executive, why the US is not a force for good in the world, and why impeaching Obama is the best way to re-impose the rule of law on the renegade US government.

Antiwar Radio: Matthew Rothschild

Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive and author of You Have No Rights: Stories of America in Our Repressive Age, discusses the U.S. Army’s NORTHCOM acquisition of part of the 3rd Infantry Division, the effective suspension of the Insurrection Act and Posse Comitatus, the need for a political realignment around the most important issues of liberty and war, the use of the military at both conventions and the sadly un-exercised power of impeachment.