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Antiwar Radio: Christina Tobin

Christina Tobin, Founder and Chair of The Free and Equal Elections Foundation, discusses the U.S. agreement with Costa Rica that allows 7,000 Marines to expand the War on Drugs in Central America, U.S. economic pressures that are forcing Costa Ricans to get on board with big agribusiness and abandon any ideas about marijuana legalization and how reformed election laws will help put and end to the two party duopoly in the U.S.

Antiwar Radio: Christina Tobin

Christina Tobin, CEO of the ballot access consulting firm Free and Equal, Inc., discusses the onerous ballot access procedures that marginalize third-party candidates and enforce the two-party duopoly and how “top-two” primary reforms only make things worse.

Antiwar Radio 3/12/10

Angela Keaton will be here, along with guests Patrick Cockburn, Coleen Rowley, Jeff Frazee, Brian Beyer, Christina Tobin 1-3 95.9 FM in Austin or stream from KAOSRadioAustin.org or Antiwar.com/radio.