3 thoughts on “Antiwar Radio: Sebastian Junger

  1. Steve C

    Good interview. Covering new territory….something that hasn’t already been beat to death. I believe Junger also did a profile of the head of the Northern Alliance (Massoud?) b/4 he was assassinated by the Taliban. Perhaps that could be the subject of a subsequent interview.

  2. jpa

    so where has junger been for 5 years of war on terror? guess the politics are too sticky for him. its safe to
    do stories that have no dangerous baggage or consequences for speaking the truth if it displeases the administration. he wont be labeled a terrorist or be retaliated on like real journos like DAHR JAMAIL. the million $$$ reporters could take a lesson from the likes of DAHR!
    Junger is the idiot that called Bush brilliant. how is he anti-war???

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