5 thoughts on “Pat Buchanan on Russian State TV: The End of the American Empire

  1. Corkey

    So very sad and ironic that we have to view news programs produced in the old Soviet Union to see what is happening to our own country. How unbelievable is that?

  2. Bob Bogus

    I dunno…I think Buchanans got it wrong. The Repos will raise taxes or let it happen. (There will always be the Olympia Snowjobs who will vote for a tax increase.)

    With the help of some RepuBlowCons Obammie’s gonna get Cap-N-Tax through and with the cover of elite reptiles like Paul Volcker Obammie’s gonna push through a VAT.

    Long before the Evil Empire closes one base our rulers are gonna tax the shit outta the little people until they can’t take it no more.

    1. Republicae

      While it may be true that taxes will be raised, the problem is that the currency itself is now so depreciated [via fiat inflation] in terms of purchasing power that eventually even tax increases will be of little consequence in terms of revenues.

      The “vampire economy” created by this government can only siphon off so much from the productive sector until it no longer functions. Of course, along side the dilemma faced by this government, as well as many others, is the real need of debt repudiation.

      Inflating national debts away is nothing new, but it is a very dangerous path to take since it exposes the facade the government has been holding up for decades, that is the “Full Faith and Credit of the United States”; the reality is quite the opposite, there is no way to maintain full faith in an artificially created and manipulated fiat credit system…it is unsustainable.

      In the last Century, there have been two instances where our debt has been repudiated: partially under FDR and completely by Nixon when he declared our debt be “paid” with paper IOUs called Federal Reserve Notes [worthless], thus it was a complete repudiation of our debt.

  3. Oscar Goldman

    Corkey I second that. Isn’t it strange how nothing in our domestic MSM gives us the straight dope?

  4. pg 2010

    Pat Buchanan is very much the ‘populist right’ cover man for
    our ongoing dumb-down, sellout and fold before history’s –MOST– awesomely genocidal regime -bar none! —ACROSS the Pacific.

    Along with all the biz-nihilist
    oppurtunists from Hollywood to
    Murdoch and Turner —and the
    DENIAL crowd of the far left
    —BUCHANAN lies about the Red
    Chinese legacy, and tut-tuts the staggering implications every chance he gets.

    ESP. galling as millions continue to suffer and die on this, the once again ‘mysteriously overlooked’ 60th Anniversary of
    the urgently relevant, indeed, STILL unfolding —KOREAN WAR.


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