12 thoughts on “The Great Schlep

  1. stevec

    I’m trying to sue some bastards on a Saturday….bit I’ll over one omission and one observation….1) OMISSION. In her litany, Ms. Silverman failed to mention the biggest common denominator of Jews and Blacks………..a love of Chinese Food….2) The WOMEN???  First, your sweet on Tina Fey….  Now Sarah Silverman…   C’mon Scott…  You need a LATINA with a bust size bigger than her IQ who’s idea of “the good life” is being perpetually pregnant and serving her man…..  I’ll bet both Fey and Silverman went to college… YUCK! ….

    1. MikeL

      Hey Angela,
      Silverman’s a commie and all, but what else ya got against her? Don’t you like her potty humor? I do.

    1. stevec

      Me too…..  That’s the most important thing i look for in a candidate….that they understand our “special relationship” with Israel….  Everybody else on board?

      1. Baron of Grey Matter

        Personnally,  I am pro-Moronica.         http://members.tripod.com/thethreestooges_3/moronica/index.html                            Hail  Hail  Hailstone !!

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