3 thoughts on “McCain on the draft

  1. Oscar Goldman

    If anyone in power (including McAssclown) wants to reinstate the draft, they can feel free to sit and spin on my middle finger.

    If anyone wants to hide away from such a draft, contact me. I’d be happy to support another station on the Undeground Railroad to Canada or Mexico.

    1. Bob Bogus

      I tell ya Oscar, I can’t imagine either one of these clowns bein’ prez.

      I mean can you really imagine Johnny McStain or Borat Hussein Mugabe Obombya as prez??? Just imagine either of ’em behind that big desk in the oval office lecturing you over the boob tube.

      Well, Johnny McStain or Borat Husseing Mugabe Obombya, eiher one of the bastards is gonna have a real shit storm on their hands.

      Check this out…


      Now why do ya think Bushtard went along with this only as long as the report isn’t released until he’s otta office???

      And check this out….


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