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Sorry kids, I’m taking a couple days off where I can get ’em. I’ve been working all weekend and there’s a long and busy year ahead to rest up for…

Say, it’s been real cool having ya’ll Stress Blog commenter guys and gals around. I’m often impressed by all the smart stuff ya’ll have to say. I’ve learned a lot. Now, go hang out with your family and have a good New Years!


Sometimes I’m Not So Polite

Dear “True American,” my responses below…

True American has an inquiry…here are the results!
First off, I’m going to use the smallest words possible so that you dults can understand.

–Are you going to spell them right?

It’s people like you that are going to bring this nation down.

–No, it’s aggressive war, ignoring of the Constitution and deficit spending that are bringing this nation down.

It’s very easy to complain about and blame everything on the President and/or Govt.

–You’re right, it is. Especially since so many things are their fault.

“So-called terrorism”…the fact that you used those words you should be shot.

–Who are you quoting?

What are you thinking?

–That this is the dumbest letter we’ve received in a while.

Does suicide bombing fall under freedom of speech in your eyes?

–What are you talking about?

True, the Iraq deal is ugly but it’s right.

–Ha! Nice argument. You get a D+.

Iran is, FOR A FACT, supplying weapons to the insurgents that they are also supplying.

–You cannot cite any PROOF of that “fact.” I, on the other hand can prove in spades that the Iranians are backing the SAME factions the U.S. is backing. For example:

And on Iran, you can sleep at night knowing that a leader of a country like that is hanging teenage girls from a crane in the capitol as punishment for letting herself get raped?

–Oh, give me a break. Like you’re doing anything about it. There are innocent people in American prisons right now and you don’t really care about them either Mr. Big Hearted Humanitarian warmonger.

I’m sorry that my President and troops are trying to make the rest of the world a better place.

–You should be sorry that your support for your president has gotten hundreds of thousands of people killed including thousands of those troops, hundreds of thousands more maimed, created 5 Million refugees, spread bin Ladenism throughout the Middle East and Asia, wasted hundreds of billions of dollars and made America look like the damn Russians in the eyes of the world, jerk.

You ignorant fools should leave this country if you hate it so much.

–You should move to the Old World if you want to live in a mighty empire so badly. This is America. The land of liberty. A limited constitutional federal republic. We are the patriots, not you.

My lunch is over, I’m out of here.

–You should have spent it reading something rather than wasting my time repeating the vacuous slogans you heard on the radio.

A.B. Stoddard Has Made a Mistake Regarding Ron Paul

I assume it was unintentional error, but The Hill‘s Ms. Stoddard seems to have gotten it wrong on the question of Rep. Ron Paul M.D.’s attitude toward campaigning.

Toward the end of this segment, where she, David Schuster and that other guy attempt to ridicule Paul’s position on the war over southern secession, Stoddard claims that Paul has admitted that he is “lazy,” a criticism which has cost Fred Thompson dearly.

But Ron Paul lazy? He’s always seemed like an over-acheiver type to me…

With a simple google search I was able to find the quote – and what was clearly a joke about his online success:

“We get criticized so much because we’re not going to enough states. Everybody wants me to come, and the problem is I’m just flat out too lazy. I tell them . . . can’t I just talk to them on the internet?”

I guess the truth isn’t too important when you’re on a bandwagon to marginalize the only man running against the empire.

(Jeez! Would you look at me defending a politician from the slurs of private citizens?! Only for you, Ron.)

New York Times’ Virginia Heffernan Retracts Ron Paul Smear

…A half-assed retraction and a few and a half days too late if you ask me.

I wonder if the 250+ comments ridiculing Virginia and her editors for their repeated failures had anything to do with it.

If anyone actually wants to debate Ron Paul’s principles and political positions, we Paulians are eagerly awaiting your challenge.

It must really be tough to be opposed to someone who’s right about 95% of what he says and who has such a decent personal character. What will you come up with next?

Update: Lew Rockwell writes:

“As I said sometime ago, those who smear Ron Paul will live to regret it, as their own readers and advertisers shun them. MSM, here are the new rules: no lying, no ridiculing, no suppressing. Remember ‘journalistic ethics’? You really have no choice. The Internet rules. ‘You’d better start swimmin’, or you’ll sink like a stone, ’cause the times they are a-changin’.'”

My Favorite Comment on the NYT’s Latest Ron Paul Smear

Is here:

I read about comments that Ron Paul is a racist and I want to take a moment and put these rumors and lies to rest. I have had the opportunity to meet Dr. Paul over thirty years ago during the first of three pregnancies. I did not have much money and at the time, I heard through my church that Dr. Paul was a very reasonable man and will work with me on payment. Since then, Dr. Paul has delivered three of my babies and they are all healthy young adults with two of them married. I even have pictures of Dr. Paul holding my children and I remember that he is a blessed soul and even several of my friends had their babies delivered by him. We talked this Sunday as allegations surfaced that Dr. Paul was a racist and we were quite upset and talked with the current minister because the former minister is now retired, but still an active member of our congregation. Because of blogs like this, media lies, and insinuations, we are going to produce a video and send out a press-release to all media outlets expressing our love for Dr. Paul and that he is a good man and does not have a single racial bone in his body. I also want to know who you are as I believe you should have researched his past through his local community instead of raising lies.

— Posted by Rose

Take that Duranty! – Scott

Restoration Caucus Seeks Return to 2004 LP Platform

Writes Angela Keaton:

Angela Keaton sent a message to the members of Libertarian Party Rothbard Caucus. ——————–
Subject: Restore 04 is Live

(Lifted directly from Mr. Nolan’s email)

Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 13:00:54 -0700
Subject: Re: When may we tell others about your site?

A group of Libertarian Party members who believe that the Party’s 2004 Platform better represents the libertarian vision than does the truncated version adopted in 2006 have formed the Restoration Caucus, and will work to restore the earlier version at the upcoming LP convention in Denver next May. Their first step will be to petition the members of the 2008 Platform Committee to adopt the 2004 Platform as the starting point for their deliberations, rather than trying to create a new platform based on the “butchered” 2006 version.

According to the Restoration Caucus website – – the founding members of the Caucus “believe that the wisest and most effective course the 2008 Platform Committee can take will be to restore the 2004 Platform, which evolved over three decades and includes contributions from many of our Party’s greatest thinkers. Any attempt to thoughtfully and carefully address each of the issues we need to address, starting from scratch, will be laborious and contentious. And a hastily conceived document is likely to be rejected in its entirety by the delegates in Denver.

“The 2004 Platform offers a time-tested basis for future platforms. Clearly, there will need to be changes, and the 2008 Platform Committee must address them on a plank-by-plank basis. But the obvious first step they should take is to revert to the 2004 Platform as a starting point.”

Early signers of the petition to restore the 2004 platform include David F. Nolan (a founder of the Libertarian Party), David Bergland (former VP and Presidential candidate, and former National Chair), 2008 Presidential hopeful Steve Kubby, current LNC member Angela Keaton, and former California LP Chairs Ted Brown and Mark Hinkle.

In urging their fellow Libertarians to support the Restore ’04 drive, the petition’s signers note that the 2006 platform was adopted at “the smallest national convention since 1973,” which was “less than half the size of the 2004 convention in Atlanta.” They also state that “We do not see this proposal as being either ‘radical’ or ‘reformist.’ It is simply an attempt to restore our party’s long-standing stance on the key issues facing America.”

LP members who would like to support the Restoration Caucus can sign the petition at

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