The prisoner President

While running on the treadmill this morning, an endorphin-fueled thought paraded in front of me:

The President is a prisoner. He is a prisoner behind his own security apparatus, who lock in the sycophants and lock out the “evil doers.”

The world is filtered to him in a very odd and distorted way, like a Tzar in his Potemkin Village.

Okay, no, I don’t feel terribly sorry for him, but it makes me wonder how this skewed reality colors his decision making. How would it affect anyone’s?

Could it be that one’s environment might turn someone into a person who becomes jelous and hostile toward the free Nobody People living silly dull and normal lives outside of the barricades, barbed wire, and armed guards that separate You from Them? I.e., no more “humble” foreign policy?

How much are people and their minds the products of their environment?

Antiwar Radio: Elsie DeLaere

Elsie DeLaere from Amnesty International describes the humanitarian catastrophe [.pdf] in Afghanistan, the salt pit dungeon and other secret prisons, torture, famine, air strikes, the reemergence of the Taliban, the emergence of the “United National Front” in opposition to Hamid Karzai’s “presidency,” the plight of women and children, widespread corruption, the degree to which locals favor the U.S. occupation or don’t.

Where Are You Now, When We Need You Most, Rage Against The Machine?

From the Onion:

Now, of all times, we look to you for clear-eyed articulation of the fucked-up world we live in. The people of the sun still labor in Mexico, but no one plays bass about their struggles! Mumia sits in prison, yet no one sings for his freedom. What do we hear? Silence. You’ve abandoned us in our hour of need. How could you? Everywhere: exploitation. Where’s the rock?

You summed it up so clearly in “Fistful Of Steel” when you sang, “If the vibe was suicide, then you would push da button, but if you’re bowin’ down, then let me do the cuttin’.” You lifted the nation’s youth up out of the mire and taught us to question, to act. Rage Against The Machine, come back. Bring us more slamming riffs and sonic wallop. Bring us more shredding and axing. Do that thing where you make your guitar sound like bagpipes.

More from the Onion:

A secession movement has been gaining traction in the state of Vermont. What do you think?


Young WomanLivia Hawkins,
Systems Analyst
“I have to say, the thought of having a foreign country so close to American soil makes me very, very nervous.”




Black ManKurt Isaacs,
Apartment Maintenance
“There’s only one way to stop this seditious maneuver, and that’s for Subaru to refuse to sell Vermonters any more station wagons.”



Young ManWalt Boelter,
“Hey Vermont, remember what happened the last time someone seceded? The army marched through their states and burned everything to the ground. And the South wasn’t high all the time.”




LRC blog.

Israeli sources claim that Turkey has invaded Iraq. Turkey denies the claim.

Has Turkey invaded Iraq or not? Depends who you ask. Take you pick:


Another Middle East war erupts Wednesday as 50,000 Turkish troops invade N. Iraq to strike rebel Kurdish PKK bases

June 6, 2007, 3:41 PM (GMT+02:00)


The official Turkish news agency Cihan reports the force, backed by armored vehicles and combat aircraft, is targeting rebel strongholds in 11 provinces in southeastern Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan Wednesday, June 6.

DEBKAfile’s military sources report that this is only the first wave of Turkish invaders, with more to come. A Turkish force of 90,000 troops has been massed at the sourthern town of Sirank opposite the meeting point of the Turkish, Iraqi and Syrian borders, drawing a warning to Ankara from US defense secretary Robert Gates to stay out of Iraq.

June 2, DEBKAfile reported that the US had removed troops from northern Iraq and passed responsibility for the region’s security to the Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga.

Two days ago, Kurdish PKK rebels killed at least 8 soldiers, wounding 6, in a suicide attack on an E. Turkish checkpoint at Tunceli.

After the attack, Turkish foreign minister Abdullah Gulf defended his country’s right to drive into neighboring Iraq to destroy rebel bases.

Up to 3,500 separatists are believed based in northern Iraq poised for hit-and-run terrorist attacks in Turkey. The Turkish news agency reports three F-16 Falcon fighter bombers have carried out bombing raids on positions of the PKK Kurdistan Workers Party in northern Iraq. Artillery deployed at the border with Iraq has fired at pinpointed targets.”

DEBKAfile’s Iraq sources reported last week that Iraqi Kurdistan’s president, Massoud Barzani, had sent a personal emissary, Safin Dizai, to Ankara with an urgent warning. Turkish tanks would not be allowed to cross into northern Iraq, he said. The Kurdish peshmerga would repel them. “The people of Kurdistan,“ said the messenger, “would not stand by as spectators if Turkish tanks and panzers entered Kirkuk.”



Turkey denies Web site claim of N.Iraq invasion

ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkey’s Foreign Ministry and military General Staff on Wednesday denied a Web site report that 50,000 Turkish troops had crossed into northern Iraq to crush Kurdish rebels hiding there.

“This report is not true,” a Foreign Ministry source told Reuters.

A General Staff official described the report as “disinformation”.

The report, carried on the DEBKAfile Web site, sparked jitters among foreign investors who fear Turkish military action in northern Iraq could harm Turkey’s booming economy and relations with the United States.

American Racism

In a recent comment in a Stress thread, Scott referred to me as a “round eye”.  That brought back a lot of memories of wars fought long ago so I looked up this article for a little perspective on the subject. The old bromide “some things never change” applies here. We could also apply this concept to the continual criticism of the debate candidates, depicting them as being morons and nitwits… This accomplishes nothing more than perhaps making the critics feel like they are clever. In case anyone has not yet figured it out, they do not care what we think, they only care if they get elected and as history shows, the Peter Principle is in full effect. Time to wake up.

Antiwar Radio: Larisa Alexandrovna

Larisa Alexandrovna, investigative reporter for, discusses the not very secret covert war against Iran, the “have the military do it instead of the CIA” loophole in the oversight statutes, different levels of covert operators, the outsourcing of terrorism to the MEK and Jundullah, in Iran, Fatah al-Islam in Lebanon, why it seems it was Cheney’s crew who leaked the story of this “new” CIA finding to Brian Ross last week and more.