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  1. Mace Price

    …I’m lead to wonder just how much “In Depth” Network Media coverage this AIPAC Rosen-Weissman affair will receive??…Anyone care to place a few bets?…Ya know, just for shits and grins? Meanwhile there’s the approaching testimony of The Decider’s selectively absent minded A.G., Alberto “Stungun” Gonzales on the 17th…Anybody think that song and dance will make Prime Time? Yes?…No?…Well what the fuck, as T.S. Eliot said “April is the cruelest month.”

  2. Tim

    Having Justin on reminded me of some AWC articles he wrote about Lawrence Dennis. There is a great book by Ronald Radosh called “Prophets on the Right” that refers to some of the “right wing” opposition to US intervention in WW2 and the Cold War. (The book is actually mistitled as almost half of the individuals it surveys couldn’t really be considered ‘conservative’ or ‘right wing’ anyway). I’d recommend it to any Stress readers. Anyhow Radosh, himself then a New Leftist vietnik, discusses Lawrence Dennis. Dennis variously called himself a fascist and a socialist, more often the later, but who was unsuccessfully tried as the former during the wartime Sedition trials. After the war, at least according to Radosh, Dennis abandoned his former nationalist collectivism and became a run of the mill, if anti-Cold War, conservative, although I’d dispute this. I don’t think he was ever a true believer in the “Old Republic”, although he often found himself on the same side of the argument as those who were, at least on foreign policy matters.

    Anyhow Lawrence Dennis was definitely one of the most interesting and controversial American “isolationist” figures in the lead up to World War Two and it’s interesting to survey his books from the 1930s on and see what has and has not since come to pass. He maintained his opposition to US globalism throughout the Cold War period. I came across this passage from his 1969 book “Operational Thinking for Survival”. (Page 126)

    “No Mid-East state could today put in the field an army that could match in a limited combat an ex peditionary military and air force the United States could land in a few days. But any group of fanatical nationalists in the Mid-East, with strong local support, could, even with large American expeditionary forces in occupation, blow up the oil pipe lines in any number of places along the hundreds of miles they cross the desert or unpopulated land. No American or foreign occupation force could keep the oil flowing from the Mid-East to western Europe against the will of a powerful native minority group of anti-West fighters. If the New York police cannot make Central Park safe to walk in after dark, no foreign armed forces can make any area of Asia or Africa safe for the white man or his investments against a rebidly anti-western native movement.”

    A UPI news post today (see here) says:

    “Iraq’s Oil Ministry says northern pipeline attacks cost $165 million a day in potential revenue and wants the Kirkuk council to do more to prevent it.

    The Voices of Iraq news agency reports the ministry said the pipeline from Kirkuk, in Iraq’s north, to a port in Ceyhan, Turkey, is “now defunct” because of attacks.

    The pipeline, the sole source for shipping oil from Iraq’s northern fields to Turkish markets and beyond, is a constant target of Sunni insurgents. Most of Iraq’s 2 million barrels per day of production comes from oil fields in the south, and virtually all of its 1.6 million bpd exports are from Basra, on the Persian Gulf.

    The northern pipeline has a capacity of 300,000 bpd.

    Hussein al-Shahristani, Iraq’s oil minister, said production from Kirkuk can meet refining capacity in the north, though an electricity shortage often keeps the refineries offline and the region complains of a fuel shortage. The entire country lacks sufficient transportation, heating and cooking fuels.

    Shahristani said the pipeline attacks are costing Iraq “millions of dollars in daily losses.” “

  3. Tom Blanton

    I have a hunch that the Rosen-Weissman affair will get absolutely no coverage on TV until there is a conviction – then the TV networks will devote at least 4 minutes combined to the story.

    “Warmongers who misleadingly identify themselves as libertarians” is among my top five pet peeves. In fact, I view this as a form of psychological torture that these bastards inflict upon me. I’m glad Mr. Raimondo speaks out against these sick creeps. Too bad Shane Cory seems to welcome these crypto-fascists into the LP with open arms.

  4. Mace Price

    …Well Tom, that’s the kind of underhanded shit you a have to expect in any manifestation of Politics; it is after all a very old story. But, bear in mind, this Administration’s Middle East Policy is akin to being drunk and dancing on board the Titanic.

  5. Mace Price

    …Justin Raimondo has way more than his share of guts, a penchant for telling the unvarnished truth, and no one without an instinct for Realism could help but to deeply admire him for it…and come what may I’m one of them.

  6. Ken

    War monger in chief by default: Has it not occured to anyone that congress has defaulted to one person’s decision to make war on whoever because they do NOT want the responsibility?

    Impeachment: Perhaps we will see Bush and Rove frog marched out of 1600 Pennsylvania yet… A remote chance exists that the authorities may arrest these two clowns and lock them up before all this is over with but I wouldn’t bet on it…

    Mainstream News Media: Don’t hold your breath…

    Iraq: The Iraqis have made it quite clear that they do not want America meddling in their business so why do Bush and a complicit congress continue with their surges and persistence to remain there? Do words that starts with “O” & “I” ring a bell?

    War: Most anyone with a brain realizes by now that operation “Iraqi Freedom” was based on lies and the delusional expectations that America could quickly establish a friendly government that would allow for the US basing of large numbers of armed forces in Iraq. The Iraqi people were an afterthought… From there the plan was to eventually dominate the Middle East through regime change in any country that happened to be on the neocon poop list. It looks like the Iraqis and Arabs in general are whole lot smarter and tougher than Bushco gave them credit for.

    Hint: For our military strategists: When it comes down to losing their homes, heritage and land, people tend to fight very hard. The human will is always an x factor and the American military no longer posesses the the technological superiority in small arms weaponry that it once had…

    Present: Bush and his sucessor’s choices are to die a slow death in Iraq and Afghanistan and face humiliating defeat or to escalate and start more war elsewhere as a diversion. The escalation is already underway. We shall see where the madness leads from here and common sense is definitely not a strong suit with the current establishment…

  7. mike in St. Lucia

    Outside of the US and Israel, George WWIII Bush is one of the most, if not THE most, reviled human beings in the history of the world. Most rational human beings cannot fathom how this man is still free to roam the face of the Earth, let alone maintain power and control over its fate. But any future president’s international popularity will not be much better as long as the US government remains Israeli-occupied territory. It might not be so much that George WWIII is inherently evil (although I believe he is) as the fact that he is merely a compliant, idiot puppet of the Zionists. As for the trial of the 2 AIPAC spies, not only will it receive no media coverage, they are almost certain to be acquitted. If they are not adjudicated by a Zionist judge to begin with, then somewhere along in the appeals process they will certainly find Zionist judges to reverse any possible conviction.

  8. Tom Blanton

    ALEXANDRIA, Va. — News organizations filed documents in federal court yesterday opposing a government request to close portions of the upcoming trial of two former pro-Israel lobbyists accused of violating the Espionage Act.

    News-media organizations, including the Associated Press, are concerned the government wants to keep large portions of evidence in the case out of public view when former American Israel Public Affairs Committee lobbyists Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman go to trial.

    more: http://www.firstamendmentcenter.org/news.aspx?id=18399

    Nothing to see here folks, just move along…

  9. Tim

    In a recent AWC column Justin Raimondo mentions that you are “considering” a weekly AW Radio interview hookup with Justin. For what it’s worth you have my vote of confidence for this idea. Raimondo’s interviews are always entertaining and informative, indeed insightful.

  10. Ken

    See: Bush on Iraq

    President Bush spoke Tuesday about Iraq funding at American Legion Post 177 in Fairfax, Va. The White House announced that congressional leaders will be invited to discuss the war so that they can deliver a “clean bill.”

    “Here we go Loopty-Loo” sp? That is the title of an oldie-goldie song from the memory banks…

    You have to give Bush credit, he never stops shoveling the shit. “The Iraq War Plan will prove its worth”… “Mission Accomplished”!

    Bush has succeeded in BS’ng enough of the numbnut taxpayers and their “representatives” into giving him more time and more $ so he can grab an exit pass and hand off his failed, dumb-ass war to the next president.

    Bush, Cheney & Rove should be hung in the city square a la Mussolini and the “Gold Star Mothers” and Iraqi widows & orphans given the first crack at hacking up their corpses. We can only wish…

    “Here we go loopty-lie… All on a Saturday Night”

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