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10/10/16 Conn Hallinan

“US Diplomacy, a Dangerous Proposal”, by Conn Hallinan from Foreign Policy in Focus is discussed on this episode of the Scott Horton Show. The United States’s so called “Responsibility to Protect” and the Doctrine of Humanitarian intervention, which has been hijacked by Samantha Powers, is talked about at length. Powers’s word destruction, and the ability to find the US “National Interest” in every conflicts is also reviewed.  The doctrine’s spread and use in Latin America is also detailed, with Venezuela and Honduras being examined in particular. Additional topics include China and Russia, on another great value of information for the Scott Horton Show.

10/10/16 Kenneth Vogel

“Obama DOJ drops charges against alleged broker of Libyan Weapons”, Kenneth Vogel’s new article about Mark Turi, an arms dealer that was the target of a DOJ case with alleged links to the Clinton State Department and the CIA. Turn was a well known arms dealer, who had worked with the US government before the Libyan crisis. The case against Turi is alleged to have been dropped right at the point where sensitive disclosures about Clinton’s role in the transfer of weapons from Libya to Syria would have been revealed. Clinton is placed at risk in part because of her questioning by Sen. Rand Paul, who asked Clinton specifically about the transfers in a Senate hearing, which she denied knowledge of. All of this, and other great things are discussed in this episode of the Scott Horton show.

10/7/16 Andrew Bacevich

Andrew Bacevich talks about his new article for,  “The National Security Void”. During the first presidential debate, Donald Trump’s answer regarding the concept of first use of nuclear weapons revealed lack of depth of knowledge on the issue. Hillary Clinton’s answer was equally unrevealing, and didn’t answer the question directly. Bacevich talks about Hilary Clinton’s static thinking regarding nuclear weapons, despite her mastery of binders full of wars. Do we need the trillion dollar modernization of the nuclear triad that the Obama administration wants? Does Hillary have a Cold War mindset, a post Cold War mindset, or both simultaneously? Jump into the hypocrisy with another great interview on the Scott Horton Show.


10/7/16 Kelley Vlahos

The Return of Torture: the CIA and Congress oppose Trump’s push but the public may not.” is a new The American Conservative article by Kelley Vlahos, Scott’s guest on today’s episode. The Senate’s report on torture, the CIA’s response, and why it’s still an issue is reviewed plus, the conservative rush to be fooled 100% of the time by their various leaders is analyzed in detail on the episode of the Scott Horton show.

9/30/16 Joe Lauria

Veteran journalist and UN correspondent Joe Lauria updates Scott on the latest from Syria and Iraq. The attack on Mosul is likely to begin in mid October, and Islamic state may have deserted large portions of the city. If true, it could mean less civilian casualties due to US aerial bombardment of the city during the Iraqi and Peshmerga operation. Lauria discusses the possibility that the ISIL fighters from Mosul may have left and gone to Syria, where they are fighting the Assad regime. Russia and the Assad regime are increasingly frustrated with and at odds with the Americans and their allies, and they’ve begun to attack Aleppo without restraint after the collapse of the cease fire. The Americans have responded by charging that the Russians are committing war crimes at the UN.  Get all of the updates in this interview.

9/30/16 Daniel Lazare

Daniel Lazare at and author of “The Frozen Republic” talks about Hillary Clinton’s new ISIS fighting scheme with Scott. Daniel talks about Clinton’s nondescript and undefined “intelligence surge” and her desire to kill al-Baghdadi in the new plan.  Daniel talks about what could happen to ISIS and it’s organizational direction after al-Baghdadi’s death, including a renewed focus on Persian Gulf terrorism, especially with regard to Saudi Arabia. The Saudi role in Syria and in Middle Eastern instability is also discussed at length.


9/30/16 Trevor Timm

“The Washington Post is Wrong”, but Scott asks: about what this time? Trevor Timm, The Guardian writer, lawyer, and Executive Director of, talks about his new article subtitled “Edward Snowden Should be Pardoned”., Snowden’s exaggerated leaks, what he really exposed, why he’s stuck in Russia, how a foreign government got everything from the NSA’s spying on the American people, and how this info is used to kill human beings is all deconstructed along with all of the government lies along the way on another great episode of the Scott Horton Show.

9/30/16 David Noriega

David Noriega, reporter for Buzzfeed News, talks about Act for America and Brigitte Gabriel, and his new article: “Meet the Charming, Terrifying Face of the the Anti-Islam Lobby”. David talks about Gabriel and Act for America’s organization efforts in communities to spread Islamophobia. Brigitte Gabriel’s biography as a refugee from the Lebanese Civil War is also discussed, as well as her efforts to paint that war as a Holy War against Christianity by Islam, which is patently false . David also talks about the sincerity of “The Anti Islam Lobby”, and Frank Gaffney’s links between Cold War paranoia and conspiracy and American Islamophobia. Is the American Republic about to fall to the Muslim Brotherhood? Find out in today’s interview.

9/28/16 Raeford Davis

Raeford Davis, a former police officer in South Carolina and member of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), discusses the murder of Levonia Riggins by a Tampa, Florida SWAT team armed to the teeth for a drug raid that ultimately uncovered 2 grams of marijuana – enough for one joint.

9/26/16 Grant F. Smith

Grant F. Smith, director of research at the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy and author of Big Israel: How Israel’s Lobby Moves America, discusses the poll showing Americans think the US’s $38 billion military aid package to Israel would be better spent elsewhere, and IRMEP’s lawsuit claiming aid to Israel is downright illegal.

9/25/16 Nasser Arrabyee

Nasser Arrabyee, a Yemeni journalist based in Sanaa, discusses the US Senate’s rejection of Rand Paul’s joint resolution to block a billion dollar arms deal to Saudi Arabia, and why the US feels the need to placate the Saudis over the Iran nuclear deal – even though the destruction of Yemen helps Al Qaeda and ISIS gain power.

9/21/16 Joe Lauria

Joe Lauria, an independent journalist covering international affairs, discusses the possibility of an “October surprise” assault on the Islamic State’s stronghold in Mosul before US elections; the beginnings of a Turkish land-grab in Syria; and Obama’s curious Eisenhower-like UN farewell address, revealing the president he might have been without “Deep State” interference.

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