Antiwar Radio: Shawn Amoei

Shawn Amoei, foreign policy writer at the Huffington Post, discusses his article “Silencing the Moderate Middle;” The MEK’s decades-long plan for a violent coup in Iran – with absolutely no domestic popular support; reasons why would this group should not be removed from the State Department’s terrorism list, but probably will be anyway; the many enemies – foreign and domestic – of Iran’s moderate Green Movement; and the US-based supporters and bankrollers of MEK’s public relations machine.

5 thoughts on “Antiwar Radio: Shawn Amoei

  1. Debbie Apranik

    At 23 yrs old, Shawn Amoei is a cocky, misinformed trouble maker, who sounds more like a Iranian regime agent than a moderate. The only group who fears the MEK, besides NIAC and Trita Parsi is the Iranian regime. Isnt it interesting that Shawn aligns with a well known Iranian agent, Trita Parsi and pushes a pro regime sentiment against delisting the MEK. Where is the moderate postition? Shawn, Parsi and the Iranian regime have the same agenda- fear of MEK. They are the only ones in agreement against the MEK. Seems like the writing is on the wall, the ones the moderates should fear are Iranian agents Shawn Amoei, Trita Parsi, NIAC and the Iranian regime.

  2. @TheVeni1

    Dear Mr. Horton,____Why don’t you invite Amoei back and ask him why he used legitimate organizations names illegally and without permission to sponsor a NIAC event in Plano, Texas. Then ask him why he and Parsi tried to block human rights workers from entering the event. Ask him why at a public event cameras, recording devices or any means of documenting what went on at the discussion were disallowed and the press was told they had to leave, but after some commotion, the reporter was allowed to stay as long as she didn’t record or take notes.

  3. @TheVeni1

    Ask him why NIAC Staff altered participants questions and then had the nerve to call them MEK when they protested the modification of their question to Parsi. Then ask why the NIAC thugs put their hands on my friend and Plano Police had to intervene. Ask him why Parsi lives and works in the United States but sent his pay to a hidden bank account in Sweden and did not pay taxes on any of it. Ask him why the Iranian regime is funding NIAC through Parsa Grants to the tune of $450,000.00 to a supposed 501c3 (Illegal Lobby) that has broken multiple foreign agent laws and reporting regulations. Should I go on Mr. Horton? Ask him what a Tudeh is, He should Know. Ask him why his parents went back to iran?____You should find out what kind of trash your dealing with before you invite them on your program, not after. Ask him if he knows Terita’s dad is a IRGC Intelligence agent. A word of advice Mr. Horton, don’t worry so much about the Tea Party and Republicans and start worrying about the communist you interview. You really need to do some homework son. Have a nice day.

  4. Soavi

    Saying MEK has no support is pure rubbish! This organization has given 120 000 deaths, it
    is the main opposition of Iran. It has an official resistance in Camp Ashraf, and it is the symbol of hope…I know it, Iranians know it…and those who hate the struggle obviously loves this tyrannical regime….

    So USA should do as Europe and delist the MEK…There is no legal accusation except the “friendly gesture to the Iranian regime” made back in 1997..NOTHING justifies MEK being on the FTO list…The Iranian regime’s indoctrinated propaganda is nothing compared to pure evidence…Thank you!

  5. AZ

    President Obama should and must stop dreaming about relationship with regime of terror of Iran! Who can answer this confuse US foreign policy toward the uprising and demonstrations in dictatorial countries? Why this administration still appeasing this criminal mullahs and keep the MEK in FTO List as a favor to Mullahs?
    Stop this poor and pricy policy toward these terrorists Mullahs. The Superpower should not be intimidated by bunch of terrorists Mullahs. These Mullahs understand the firm and crystal clear policy and they will follow and give up, Only If Super power is firm and clear and doesn’t send mix massages.
    Delist The MEK from the injustice terrorist list and protect the Residents of Camp Ashraf. This way The USA step aside and let the the people accomplish their freedom.
    Does really USA want Freedom for Iran? This is a question numerous people have! But anyway in the best case scenario the superpower will apologize again for their mistake, and the history will be repeated.

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