Antiwar Radio: Gale Courey Toensing

Gale Courey Toensing, writer for Indian Country Today, discusses her article “Andrew Jackson’s Actions Model Anti-Speech, Perpetual War Legislation;” admitted al-Qaeda member Ali Al-Bahlul’s conviction on material support for terrorism charges for making a YouTube video; how the prosecutors used Andrew Jackson’s 1818 invasion of Spanish Florida to round up runaway slaves (and his execution of two British men for inciting the Seminoles to “savage warfare”) as legal precedent; provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act that give the president incredibly broad powers to make war and imprison anyone, for nearly any reason, without charge or trial; and why it doesn’t make sense to charge non-Americans with treason or “aiding the enemy” charges.

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    Love the show and listen to all the interviews. Best interviews anywhere, bar none. But…what is up with the technical help around there? The volume balance between Scott and his guests is way off. Scott can barely be heard and the guest’s volume is way up. This detracts from what is otherwise a great show. This problem has existed for some time and I haven’t commented before now as I thought surely it would soon be corrected. Please…fix it!
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