Antiwar Radio: Alan Grayson

Florida Congressman Alan Grayson discusses his “War Is Making You Poor” bill that seeks to limit war spending and cut income taxes, how ending war spending on Afghanistan would free up enough money to eliminate federal taxes on income under 35k/year, why Israel’s blockade of Gaza is simply to keep Hamas from obtaining weapons and why the link between unconditional US support for Israel and 9/11 isn’t worth commenting on.

2 thoughts on “Antiwar Radio: Alan Grayson

  1. JohnS

    Damn Horton! Now THAT is what I call an interview. Good job. Think he’ll come back?


  2. barbara

    Awesome, Scott! Congress is so worthless. I’m glad you took him on. They think they deserve so much respect, but for what? Useless. Thank you for doing that, Scott! People don’t seem to get the apt analogy of 60 years ago, the world averting their eyes from Jews being abused and killed, and now Palestinians being starved and brutalized within their pathetic ghetto while useless politicians again avert their eyes and make excuses.

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