08/21/14 John Whitehead

Attorney and author John Whitehead discusses the mission of the civil liberties focused Rutherford Institute, and his article “Turning America Into a War Zone, Where ‘We the People’ Are the Enemy.”

One thought on “08/21/14 John Whitehead

  1. John Ellis

    Shameful to be called dumb — why?

    Being of the slow of thought laboring-class, as a white boy having grown up in the slums of Milwaukee, Minneapolis and LA, often have I wondered why people are so predigest against my class as to think it most shameful to call someone dumb? A fact of life, born slow of thought and I should be ashamed of it?

    I once told a highly educated lady that those of the permanent homeless, that they suffer such degradation because society is predigest against those who have not the intelligence to earn a living wage. Bingo — did I get a tongue lashing for that one.

    In America, 90% of the blacks are slow of thought laboring-class. This being true for the simple reason that 90% of the blacks brought to America as slaves were the best kind of slaves, namely slow of thought and easy to enslave kind of slaves.

    Most profound, with everyone born with a different level of intelligence, with society most perfect for the binding elements of civilization to be experienced by all, namely compassion, pity, charity and a grateful response, yet from birth to death not hardly a living soul has ever experienced compassion, pity, charity or a grateful response. And all because people would rather have the pleasure of enriching themselves upon the misery of anyone less intelligent. What a competition based class driven society is all about.

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