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7/30/12 Stephan Salisbury

Stephan Salisbury discusses the mainstream media’s failure to cover police violence in America; the recent incident in Anaheim where police shot and killed an unarmed man, then fired on concerned residents with rubber bullets; and the post 9/11 militarization of police forces.

7/30/12 Eric Margolis

Eric Margolis discusses his article “Has the US Given Israel a Green Light to Attack Syria;” the cooperation between Western intelligence services, special forces, and Syria’s rebels; and the many excuses for intervention, including humanitarian corridors, no-fly zones and seizing Syria’s chemical weapons.

7/27/12 Roy Gutman

Roy Gutman discusses Syrian President Assad’s desperate attempt to stay in power by allowing Kurdish autonomy; evidence that Syria’s rebels are not funded, armed and controlled by foreign powers (contrary to conventional wisdom); and claims that al Qaeda in Iraq members are on the Syrian government’s payroll and have no role in the rebellion.

7/27/12 Philip Giraldi

Phil Giraldi discusses the messy coalition of countries and non-state actors promoting Syrian regime change; how al Qaeda has benefited from instability in Iraq and Syria; the rock-bottom quality of US politicians; and how Syria’s President Assad is striking back against Turkey by enabling Kurdish regional autonomy.

7/27/12 Ryan Alford

Ryan Alford discusses Obama’s unprecedented claim of authority to assassinate US citizens at his discretion; the Constitution’s ban of bills of attainder; and how the US has abandoned the Magna Carta and 800 years of legal precedence that protects the people against tyranny.

7/26/12 Stephen Zunes

Stephen Zunes discusses the growing divestment campaign in protest of Israel’s illegal occupations; US government support for Morocco’s illegal occupation of Western Sahara; and how a broader divestment campaign would stave off accusations of singling out Israel and anti-Semitism.

7/26/12 Brendan O’Neill

Brendan O’Neill discusses Amnesty International’s shortsighted arms control campaign, which assumes only Western-friendly countries should have weapons; how AI enabled the “humanitarian” interventions in Kosovo and Libya; and how liberal warmongers can cause more trouble than their conservative counterparts.

7/25/12 Sheldon Richman

Sheldon Richman discusses the merits (or lack thereof) of gun control laws in the wake of the Aurora theater shooting; how concealed-carry permits contribute to public safety; and the cognitive dissonance required to support the War on Guns while opposing the War on Drugs (or vice versa for conservatives).

7/25/12 Scott McConnell

Scott McConnell discusses Hezbollah’s motives for the Burgas bombing (if they really did it); Israel’s history of preemptive strikes against peace talks; and Israel’s disastrous invasion and occupation of Lebanon.

7/24/12 Adam Morrow

Adam Morrow discusses the Egyptian military’s mass-release of civilian prisoners; the possible end of military rule and the decades-long Emergency law; eased restrictions at the Rafah border crossing with Gaza; and why the Camp David Accords may be coming to an end, eventually.

7/24/12 Gareth Porter

Gareth Porter discusses Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempt to pin the Burgas bombing on Hezbollah (to get them on the EU’s terrorist group list); why al Qaeda is more likely to conduct suicide bombings against Jewish targets abroad than Hezbollah; and how Syria’s dissolution could put a chemical weapons stockpile in the hands of dangerous people.

7/23/12 Andy Worthington

Andy Worthington discusses how Bagram prison in Afghanistan is “Still a Black Hole for Foreign Prisoners;” President Obama’s contempt for the Geneva Conventions and the Boumediene Supreme Court decision that granted Guantanamo prisoners habeas corpus rights; problems with keeping prisoners of war for the duration of an interminable “War on Terror;” and how the Bush torture legacy remains intact under Obama.

7/23/12 Gareth Porter

Gareth Porter discusses the false accusations that Iran was behind the 1994 bombing of a Buenos Aires Jewish center (and therefore must be responsible for the Bulgaria bus bombing 18 years later); and why the 1994 bombing was most likely committed by anti-Semitic Argentinian police.

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