Antiwar Radio: Mike Gogulski

Mike Gogulski, founder of the Bradley Manning Support Network, discusses the myriad events going on this weekend (March 19-20) in support of Bradley Manning; Obama’s decision to rely on Pentagon assurances that Manning was being appropriately treated in custody – after (former) State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley forced the issue; the mainstream media’s broad objection to Manning’s forced nudity and other degradations; and the incredible WikiLeaks revelations that have shaken corrupt governments the world over.

One thought on “Antiwar Radio: Mike Gogulski

  1. HeidiLucken

    Great broadcast. Mike Gogulski et al, thanks so much for your hard work. Your efforts have to be sustained, don’t let the momentum stop!
    I’m personally so PROUD of the BRAVERY Manning has chosen. I’m personally offended by the response of a military department, -which by the way I pay for and exists to protect me…carry on as if exempt and immune from accountability.
    Please pass the message on to Bradley, he is loved and he is not alone although the amerikan military would have him think so.

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