Antiwar Radio: Scott Horton

The Other Scott Horton (no relation), international human rights lawyer, professor and contributing editor at Harper’s magazine, discusses Israel’s failure to uphold the mark of a (somewhat) benevolent state: a high threshold for using deadly force against civilians, Israel’s purposeful destruction of  Gaza’s economy to encourage deserters, the ignoble end of Helen Thomas’s estimable career in journalism, the “good faith” defense for CIA torturers dreamed up by Dick Cheney and justified by the OLC “torture memos,” the junk science used by doctors and psychologists to quantify acceptable pain levels inflicted on prisoners, the US departure from precedents set by Nuremberg war crimes prosecutions, a possible “Guantanamo suicides” link to CIA torture experimentation at Camp “No” and the likely existence of more CIA “interrogation” videos.

One thought on “Antiwar Radio: Scott Horton

  1. Barbara

    About Helen Thomas, I think she was referring to the occupied territories when she said she thought the occupiers should go back to the various places that they came from. She used the word “Palestine” not Israel. She wasn’t even touching the issue of 1948. I have heard she was set up for this by Ari Fleischer who was put out for being put on the spot by her during his tenure as press secretary. Probably Obama is quite happy, too.
    Shocking and sickening news about the “good faith” torturing. Thanks for posting link to the Horton article.

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