Antiwar Radio: Scott Horton

The Other Scott Horton (no relation), international human rights lawyer, professor and contributing editor at Harper’s magazine, discusses renowned forensic pathologist Michael Baden’s skepticism about the Guantanamo “suicides” autopsies, the newest Seton Hall Law School report that rebuts the Pentagon response to their previous Gitmo expose, the known existence of sworn statements written by Camp Delta witnesses that have yet to be released, major news media reports on the “suicides” that should be forthcoming and Rahm Emanuel’s tight control over Attorney General Eric Holder and any possible Bush administration prosecutions.

One thought on “Antiwar Radio: Scott Horton

  1. Brian Beyer

    Dear Mr. Horton,
    My name is Brian Beyer and I am with Young Americans for Liberty
    (YAL). As you know, YAL is a great organization
    that advocates free markets, civil liberties, limited government, and
    a non-interventionist foreign policy. As a frequent listener of your
    show, I am very impressed by your work and have noticed our very
    similar, if not identical, political positions. I am asking for your
    help, as a fellow liberty minded individual, to spread the word about
    our wonderful organization. On March 16th, YAL will be having a
    ‘moneybomb,’ with our slogan being “Reign in the American Empire,” to
    help us garner financial support that we are in need of, especially in
    this economic climate. If you would be interested at all in helping us
    get the word out, please contact me. Any support would be greatly
    Brian M. Beyer

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